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My once-upon-a sacred life

watercolorsLife’s gotten busier, the canson sheets and sable brushes have given way to blinding myself in front of photoshop.

I’m not complaining, its still a lot of fun.. Bless the “undo” button and being able to experiment with multiple versions and picking out the best. I still get to express myself and satisfy the creative calling but I miss getting my hands dirty in paint! It used to be one of the most fulfilling sacred moments of my life I can still recall and feel happy about…

My relationship with watercolors pretty much ended with the O’level exam; it’s sad, for we had hit off so well. The paintings ended up on walls around the house, the paints and brushes fondly preserved for the leisure time I fantasized so often about but never managed to indulge myself in living up to commitments from studies to work to marriage and motherhood.

The paints are cracked and brushes shedding their bristles, there are days I wonder if my hand will quiver, the strokes turn out not-so-deft and the painting end up blotchy if I go back to it after so many years.. but I guess one can’t really unlearn a skill… there’s still hope, I know I’ll bring the sacredness back to my life someday!


9 Responses to My once-upon-a sacred life
  1. Pinar says:

    Beautiful. Warm, earthy, calming colours blending with the mystical, the old – reminiscing… Oh, and there’s you beloved green…

  2. mayG says:

    @ pinar – hehe the art teacher had put together the still life, not me.. but I guess the green was the reason I unconsciously ended up posting this particular painting from among the dozens I’ve done so far!

  3. ghazal pirzada says:

    i’ve -planned something for u! hoping to fullfill it sooon…and u will get back to this bit of ur sacred life sooon!
    luv u mayg api and misss u so much:D

  4. aashely says:

    Green colour is dominating in your painting and i think it has mant shades than anyother colour..painting is wonderful!

  5. mayG says:

    @ ghazal – oh you have? I wonder what hehe.. I’m excited already!!

    @ aashley – thanks :)

  6. cheeky says:

    i really like this. the colours looks wonderful!

  7. mayG says:

    @ cheeky – thanks girl I haven’t done anything like this in 11 years now 😐

  8. Fatima says:

    lovely painting and the colors used are really nice :)

  9. Nat says:

    how about just signing up for a class of some sort – charcoal painting, watercolours, whatever – you’ll have to go and then do it whether you’re in the mood or not…then maybe slowly you’ll feel the tank filling up again.
    babysitting? i know – gotta work that one out.


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