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My sacred life – sis

Considering all the sister-in-law horror stories that one gets to see in these Indian saas-bahu soaps, I can’t seem to be thankful enough to have found in G, a sister that I had always longed for but never had until now!

She is an absolute cutie and the two of us can go on talking for hours churning out creative ideas, thumbing through craft magazines, fantasizing about the art studio with the HUGE workspace and wall-to-wall organizers of art supplies that we will have in our respective houses some day and ooohing and aaahing over some arty thing or the other!

Through her, I have lived my dream of being one place I always wanted to be instead of where I ended up.. I really shouldn’t be one complaining on this twist of fate because that’s precisely how I got to know UTP.

Looking at her making us so proud of her achievements pretty much makes up for it… now if only I can get lucky after the kids are married and out of the house I’d love to become the school’s eldest student! Talk about being the queen of wishful thinking, I don’t even have all the kids born as yet and I’m busy contemplating the time they’ll be out of the house 😛

In response to my recent ranting about not being able to keep up with my creative calling she sent me an awesome watercolor box all the way from PK! Now isn’t that the CUTEST? 😀 It was only fair that my first wobbly attempts at the creative warm-up with watercolors were for heres.. and so this morning I woke up before everybody else in the house to find my moment of peace and here’s a little something just for you sis – Love you!


12 Responses to My sacred life – sis
  1. infoguide says:

    This is really very sweet of her.
    I do not unfortunately have a sis-in-law. My huband has only one brother … That can be a blessing in disguise as well as Bad-Luck sometimes … :-)


  2. Fatima says:

    thats so sweeeeeeeeeeeet of both of u , God bless u both :)

  3. ghazal pirzada says:

    luv so much toooooo!:D
    thanx for always being there mayg api!

  4. the.serial.chiller says:

    cute :)

    remind me whenever you have time, ill give you a tutorial of how to turn this ok-picture into a great-picture :)

    waisay nice composition!

  5. asma says:

    Awwww, thats so sweeeet :~)

    And thats a revelation that you are not an arts graduate =)) I always thought you are, or you are?

    And how lucky you are to have only one NAND 😛 <– Ghazal, bacchay just don’t read this line 😛

  6. Asha says:

    Such a beautiful pic, MayG. Simple and humble and beautiful :)

  7. the.serial.chiller says:

    oh mayG, where art thou?

    long time no post… kya ho raha hai duniya mein ?

  8. UTP says:

    We ll plan something for your art school…if you arent able to go to it….we ll have one of our own eventually…

    Imagine…arty people all around you….creativity all around….WOAH!!!

    DREAM ON!!!

  9. ghazal pirzada says:

    hahaha, ada stop bugging mayg api! mein nay parh liya ab mayg api ki he bari hai! no cheating! arrey waisay open up ur own art school and i’ll be the first one IN for masters!:D
    DREAMING ON…. hahah :)

  10. churningthewordmill says:

    thats really sweet of her..and you!

  11. unaiza nasim says:

    lucky you! MashAllah

  12. Fariha Akhtar says:

    That’s so sweet MashAllah :) I wish I also get such a loving bhabi and be a sweet nand like Ghazal :)

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