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I miss..

I miss dressing up for weddings and festivities like I can back home…

Bangles, henna, fresh flower garlands, flowy grand ghararas, elegant sarees, intricate hand embroideries and shiny gota..


The times that I am there, its either too hot or too cold or too ordinary a day to dress up…

Looks like the times I used to laugh at a certain somebody who’d moved to the US soon after getting married thinking what kind of a loony wears her wedding ghararas around the house AND clicks photos to send to the entire circle of friends and family..
sigh.. guess I laughed too soon!

No I’m not dying to wear my wedding ensemble – (that I fit into the clothes or not is another question) but yes would sure love to have someplace nice to go where I could dress up all fancy and not look stupid for it!

photo courtesy: the serial chiller – my official photographer.


5 Responses to I miss..
  1. rads says:

    aw, me too, but you know, we do get occasions to get dressed desi here. Just miss the rest of it around…

  2. infoguide says:

    I soooooooo agree with you Hon, I miss dressing up too, And those lovely gatherings … Sometimes, I hate the fact that I am in Canada .. :-(


  3. Aneela Z says:

    oh i have taken to dressing up on any occasion WITH A VENGANCE for the past 2 years…the rest of my friends/colleagues be damned…like i would drop hints like ‘lets have a party a month when we can dress up nicely’ …but i can understand with work and kids not many of my friends have the energy…i should confess that even my ‘dressing up’ coincides with a visit home or my mom visiting …actually mom visiting also coincides with combing my hair every day..and after a week or two of melbourne life im back to jeans and a sweater…but i can identify with what you are saying…my worst ‘bling blinge’ was after watching the Raana Sheikh ‘umrao jaan’ and jodha akbar lately…jodha akbar had me scuttling under the stairs for the shaadi joras and dressing up even if someone had asked me over for samosas!!

  4. ghazalpirzada says:

    awww cutie!
    jaldi aain na! phir u can dress up and enjoy urself mayg api!
    miss u yaar!

  5. mummyjaan says:

    Ah yes, you brought back memories – bangles, flowers, saris, make-up, jewellery… Your first sentence took me back to the time I was a new bride, and this routine was normal everyday.

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