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let mama not be angry..

So mahnoor has been coughing all of last week.. last night, she seemed feverish too and I sat there wondering should I send her to school if she is any better in the morning.. aik tou I am so new to this whole mommy-to-a-school-going-kid I just can seem to figure out when the kid is well enough to be sent to school!

Last week when she coughed all through the night i thought oh god my baby is sick, I’ll not send her to school.. except there she was, up and about, bouncing off the walls at 8 am and could have been just fine at school..ironically, the cough seemed to have disappeared too!
Me, I’m too nice, I thought of all the other kids she’d pass her germs on to so its better she stays home, germs and all.. how nice it would be if the rest of the mothers thought that way too.. she only caught the cough from school in the first place 😛

anyway so she’s home today, feverish, coughing, sneezing and happily sharing them germs with wee mehroo and its driving me INSANE! I can surely do without two sick kids around the house all by myself.. UTP is still not back in town either and I am SO not in the mood to do hospital runs alone with two kids in tow.

its been four hours since we are up and here’s what has been going on non-stop..

..dont touch mehr ….stay away from her.. sneeze into your arm.. NOT IN HER FACE!!.. urgh again? cough in the fist.. stop.. dont touch.. dont come near.. stay away..AWAYYYYYY… dont sneeze near mehroo.. urgh.. stop..just stop..dont hold her hand, remember she sucks on it.. no you cant kiss her… stay away.. dont give her your germs…noooo… sneeze in your elbow..urgh.. mahnooooooor! you cant hug mehroo.. aaaaaa….

rinse – repeat

yes i have been exceptionally low on my patience reserves and not very proud of it.. but in between all these anal directives and snubbing mahnoor and telling her to stay awayyyy and slathering on sanitizer before I touch mehr.. she asks me.. mama if I do dua will Alllah miyan stop you from being angry?

..and for a second everything stopped around me.. I have never felt this terrible before.. I’m so sorry baby, its so unfair on you. I promise I’ll be happy now.. sigh.. hugs..

anybody got a spare dose of patience to share? .. anybody?


6 Responses to let mama not be angry..
  1. utbtkids says:

    First time at school is always hard on the children. It takes a good three to six months to get the immunity. If you a wee one at home, yes she will be exposed much earlier. Keep repeating to yourself that they are gaining immunity, sounds lousy, but hey you have to think of something positive.

    General rule of thumb to go back to school after fever(99 or higher)is, fever free for 24 hrs. You cannot keep the little one at home for every small cough, nose leak. Then she might as well be at home and you can save your tuition :)

    Anger, from personal experience, will flare and subside and eventually you will gain the balance. We have all been there, “angry mom scaring the kids, stressed out and dumping the frustrations on the family”. So don’t feel too bad.

  2. Lots of patience here! Just tell me a way to send it and i shall!
    *hugs to manoo and mehroo*

  3. S. says:


    It’s tough being a mommy.

  4. You know MayG – my kids only know me as the mad as in enraged momma! And I know i should be better tempered but heck, they push all the buttons! Give both the dolls a hug from me and give yourself a break. Its okay to be angry once in a while.

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