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mommy’s 1 minute of bliss i woke up to a gorgeous rainy morning.. a rare treat in the otherwise sizzling UAE.. I dont know about others but rains get me in such a springy happy mood :D ..mushy too, but its useless thinking of the boring man i’ve married!

even the usual morning madness of sending the 5 year old to school seemed pleasant! to think what a little drizzle and cloud cover can do to a permanently hassled momzilla.. sigh i just love looove loooooove rain! yes you get the drift.. :$

with the older kid packed off to school, the husband at work.. it was almost perfect for that indulgent me-time.. well almost.. except the one year old was up!! we’re not maxing out on the luck business here ok? i’d like to save some for a rainy day.. pun intended ;)

now to completely indulge myself.. i picked out

  • some rainy background effects
  • some banana-walnut muffins i baked last night, didn’t add chocolate chips, its totally kills the walnut goodness.. instead dropped a hershey’s kisses each into the muffin pan so the muffins had those yum chocolate centers, a pleasant surprise for the unsuspecting bite!
  • a mug of  milk nice and chilled.. warm coffee would’ve been awesome but not when you have you move your arse to fix one :|
  • my all time favourite baarish song on loop
  • and the blinds pulled all the way up so i could see the city scape in the distance.

i was in the zone guys… blissssssed out.. mmm.. crunchy walnut, gooey chocolate, leisurely browsing the internet, a sip of chilled milk just the way i like whats a good hashtag to go with this scenario.. i need to spread this bliss to twitterville i decide.. sigh.. lifes good… no sound except the rain and the song.. *content smile*

..OMG no other sound!? what is the little one up to?! my mommy trouble antennas spike right up.. and yes.. i rush to the other room to find the fearless trooper feasting on the other muffins.. one knee precariously balanced on the edge of the table, the other foot barely touching the chair! we could have had quite the anticlimax if I hadnt gotten there that instant.. rescued the toddler and the messy muffins and decided the day is made.. mommies dont get more than 59 seconds of self indulgent bliss on a rainy day.. nu-uh! :P

happy rain dubai people! whachu doin’ today?


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  1. :) she is such a doll! And i love us blogger moms. The first move is for the camera!

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