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fun pancakes!

So I landed up at the other day.. my first reaction was WOW!! what followed seconds later was HOW??
Jim, bless his kind soul, had a few how-to videos on his blog too and soon enough my head exploded thinking of the kind of fun stuff that could be done!
I shared my brilliant find on pinterest.. my recent addiction and decided to let my facebook pals know what I was going to make for breakfast on the weekend!

It was only Tuesday, the damn weekend seemed too far away… ok thats it! this what the girls are eating for lunch today.. said I and promptly marched into the kitchen.

I decided not to be overly ambitious and tried out some simple butterflies, hearts, flowers and a cute little turtle that I saw on jim’s website..

oh and even some jalebi shaped ones, some cursive writing pancakes and gosh! it was coolest thing ever.. I just couldn’t stop!

alas! stop I did when the kids refused to eat another bite and i figured I had stuffed myself enough; surely the man didn’t want to hear “pancakes” when he’d ask “whats for dinner honey?”

I did save the heart-shaped, jalebi-inspired one for him (yes, yes im cheesy that way) but knew it was an epic fail, when all he came back with was “what difference does it make, its all going to be the same inside the stomach anyway” well guess who is never getting any fancy looking pancakes to eat.. like never ever ..and me, I’m the happiest! whats there not to be happy about spending half a night up thinking what all could be done with the latest addition to my fun food arsenal!


4 Responses to fun pancakes!
  1. Mona says:

    love it! nice!
    i’ve always been a fan of Jim’s but haven’t tried my own versions of his creations yet!

  2. such a great idea. i shall try it this weekend. thanks MayG!

  3. saman says:

    so cute and inspiring!

  4. Sue says:

    Love the idea. To think I could have gone in for these cute versions but ended up making worm cakes instead. Now the boy wants beetles and dinosaurs. Gah.

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