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reality check…

God has been very kind, we recently moved apartments and I’m in the process of making a home out of this house.
I was planning to design a print for my kitchen door saying “I’m no Martha Stewart baby!”

Ironcially I HAD been spending a lot of time around her website browsing for decor ideas and one about a chalkboard wall in the home office really called out to me..

I went all enthusiastic thinking it will be WAAYYYY cooler to make it a magnetic chalkboard wall! I spent a lot of moolah on this fancy pants magnetic primer spray that I coated the wall with..

except, we ran out of the paint before we could be done coating the wall, I read the label much later to realise it was good for about a quarter of the surface area that I was trying to coat it on!!

the husband refused to go all the way to the shop to buy some (4?) more of the paint cans.. the painter guy was due in a few hours to do the rest of the job anyway I figured what the heck, it will be just a simple chalkboard wall for us :(

what started with my visions of this..

ended up nothing more than THIS 😐

there is chalk dust ALL OVER the office.. ALL THE TIME.. my computer workstation is right next to this mess and I dont know if its such a good idea for my computers OR my lungs and airways.. getting this monstrosity cleaned is a pain and the kids are all covered with chalk dust in a few minutes of fun at the chalkboard wall and THEN they proceed to mark the rest of the white walls with their grubby little hands!

surely gorgeous looking kid’s rooms, organized bookshelves and fresh-out-of-the-shower clean children belong to “other people” and I’m not one of those!

ugh! what did I get myself into!
If I had to do this again..

I’d paint a couple more walls with chalkboard paint just because those squiggly “mama I love you” messages left there to surprise me make up for it all 😀
i love you too baby <3


3 Responses to reality check…
  1. Eefa Khalid says:

    hahah, i love love reading you blog maygi api….
    this is soo funny and cool …God bless you guys :)

  2. Mumtaz says:

    New world new things. I am no Martha Stwart either, I knew those ‘I love you Mummy’ will soon become I love you honey and I will be left with an empty nest only to wait for them to get those walls with I love mummy repainted, I dont have the energy left to get it done my self, I used it all absorbing enjoying the scriblings. Now I woke up to the tune of ‘I got to go Mom, have a meeting tomorrow and need to get ready for it, you can let the painter continue or finish the work or I can have him stop the work until my next visit…… Happy Mothering You end up living in that unpleasant room that you thought was a designers dream at one time. ‘ Mom look at this mess, you dont have the design sense …..’

  3. Aamna says:

    Good moms have sticky floors, greasy ovens and Happy Kids! =)

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