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did we drink enough water today?

After months of pestering my daughter to finish all the water in her bottle at school, her bottle still returning home untouched and finding no way to know if the little ones were having enough water at home I figured I needed to come up with a clever and fun way to encourage and monitor our family’s water intake.

I purchased rainbow colored glasses and came up with our “did we drink enough water today?” board.
This is how its works.. I printed out a “ruler”, stuck it to our fridge next to the water dispenser and made magnetic labels with each of our names. Every morning all our labels sit at zero mark and whenever any of us consume some water we slide the pointer up one notch. The idea is to have reached somewhere close to our daily target by night and its working great so far.

RLM pic

You can download it to stick to your fridge and get everybody in your family excited about staying hydrated too! here is how much fliud your family should be consuming..

The amount of water we need depends on our body size, physical activity, the weather, and caffeine consumption. Most men and women need about 8-12 glasses of water per day. Children need less because they are smaller.

1 – 3 years about 4 glasses
4 – 8 years about 5 glasses
9-13 years about 8 glasses for boys, 7 glasses for girls
14-18 years about 11 glasses for boys, 8 glasses for girls

Click on the Image below to download your printable.



4 Responses to did we drink enough water today?
  1. M. says:

    Bravo MayG, bravo!!!!

  2. Fawwad says:

    Awesome idea..!!

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