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on living it up

 February 8    2 comments

I cant decide if I express my thoughts better in words or pictures.. this is my thought for today, particularly for the spouse.


6 years

 February 6    0 comments

6 years of an incredible journey the good, the bad and everything in-between from which I wouldn’t change a thing!


come back already!

 February 5    1 comment

what a sucky way to celebrate an anniversary *sulks*


mommy’s 1 minute of bliss

 January 18    1 comment i woke up to a gorgeous rainy morning thinking here is a chance to indulge myself.. but mommies cant get too far with indulgences!


mom of two..

 December 15    1 comment

just when i’m done pulling hair and thinking these girls are sure to drive me to an early grave


Be a mom for a moment..

 July 25    3 comments

this just broke my heart..


*tweet tweet*

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