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rainbow pancakes!

 March 21    2 comments who would refuse such a burst of color on a single plate I ask you.. yes, only my fussy 4 year old 😛 and so it landed in your truly’s not so tiny tummy *sigh*



 March 2    4 comments

I decided there had to be something fun to hike up the feel good factor at a time a girl needs it the most.. yup! the pregnancy..


let mama not be angry..

 February 22    6 comments

..dont touch mehr ….stay away.. sneeze into your arm.. NOT IN HER FACE! urgh again? cough in the fist.. stop.. dont touch.. no you cant kiss her


happy Vday!

 February 14    2 comments

yes its cupcake mania for me these days.. i dream of cupcakes, i think of fun ways to decorate them, i browse cupcake galleries, i think of starting my own cupcake business.. and


fun with fondant

 February 13    0 comments I’ve been trying my hand at fondant and realise..


You are..

 February 6    3 comments

happy anniversary hubby.. I’m so glad we found each other :)


*tweet tweet*

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